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Industrial Instrumentation: Download Your Free HandBook

Lessons in Industrial Instrumentation.jpgAn Easy to understand and well written book in the field of Industry Instrumentation, can be downloaded here for Free. This book is written in the form of tutorials and teaching style for quick learning of basics of Instrumentation. This book can be read by all learners such as Engineers, Senior Engineers, Technicians and people having interest in this field. Consisting of 18 Chapters, 646 Pages and Starting from basics of Science and taking it towards Instrumentation, this Book is definitely a good reference.

The major topics covered are:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. DC Electricity
  4. AC Electricity
  5. Introduction to Industrial Instrumentation
  6. Instrumentation Documents
  7. Discrete process Measurement
  8. Analog Electronic Instrumentation
  9. Pneumatic Instrumentation
  10. Digital Electronic Instrumentation
  11. Instrument Calibration
  12. Continuous Pressure Measurement
  13. Continuous Level Measurement
  14. Continuous Temperature Measurement
  15. Continuous Fluid Flow Measurement
  16. Continuous Analytical Measurement
  17. Signal Characterization
  18. Continuous Feedback Control

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