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Centrifugal Pumps Control and Protection PROTEO

PROTEO is a new IPC pump control system that embeds several innovative and advanced features. PROTEO provides total pump protection, process oriented performance control and overall machine diagnostic and protection.The system is designed for a completely automated machine management, giving to the operator  the  full control of pump/process operative conditions  with an easy and friendly graphical interface.

PROTEO main benefits:

energy costs reduction: VFD control technique and model based control architecture allows to minimize energy consumption

operational costs reduction: increasing Pump reliability, full automated protection and auto-diagnostics tasks allow reductions of downtimes and relative costs for maintenance and production loss.

easy installation, easy configuration and customization for new pumps or pump retrofit projects.


● Total Pump Protection and Advanced Diagnostic System : expert system designed to detect mechanical and instrumentation problems based on pump hydraulic performance model and process parameters acquisition.

●VFD Technique for maximum power efficiency, Energy saving and environmental impact reduction.

● Model based Control and protection: Innovative control and diagnostic algorithm based on pump hydraulic performanc model:

Power, NPSH, Vibrations, Pressure, Flow.

Process oriented control tasks: the operator selects the requested control mode finalized to specific process targets:

• Speed Idle Mode• Flow Control• Suction Pressure Control• Discharge Pressure Control.

●Multivariable Control System: allows to control multiple process variables simultaneously  transferring the control action in bump less mode and enabling simultaneous control and protection.

●  User Interface: a user-friendly Operator Graphic Interface (HMI) enables complete management of the system and displays all machine/process operating parameters

●Lean System Architecture: the system implements the minimum number of sensors and transducers required for the application of diagnostic and protection algorithms. The result is a lightweight and low cost architecture hardware and machine reliability.

for additional info. Pls. visit www.proteo-pumpcontrol.com

contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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